If you are inviting me to minister a special dance presentation or for a special event, please provide me with information concerning your theme or workshop content. Please also provide a private area for me to change as well as store my personal belongings. I will require a CD player or sound system that can accommodate an IPOD and any other equipment that will allow for maximum sound during ministry presentation. A one-time honorarium of $200 is requested for a song of my own choosing but please contact me directly to confirm.


If teaching classes will be a part of my agenda, please provide a CD player or IPOD connection with speakers, a large empty room or a room with movable chairs. A one-time honorarium of $250 is requested for this service. My syllabus includes (but is not limited to) the following topics:

• Biblical Foundations of Dance
• Tabernacle Worship
• Priestly Garments
• Invite your FACE to the Dance
• WorshipWorkout