This website is dedicated to all the First Ladies….around the world including YOU.

When Redefined – “First Lady” is not a title, it’s a lifestyle!

First L.A.D.Y. is not a role or position – it’s a verb and a command!
First Lady is who you are when you have learned to truly put God first and as a result you walk with a healthy sense of self-love and acceptance.
First Lady is the mindset that says no one else has the power to define who I will be or what I will become.

First Lady is the type of woman who values community service so much so that her contributions blaze a trail, causing great exploits to be accomplished first. She is a pioneer. She is captivating and beautiful. She is graceful but in control. She is a motivator and a leader.

She shapes culture and breaks every mold.

When you FIRST Love And Develop Yourself……
First Lady is YOU.


Natasha was born and raised in Rochester, New York where she developed a love for dance at an early age. She took tap, jazz and ballet between the ages of 5 and 12. Her favorite show as a child was FAME as she watched the amazing choreography come to life on the screen.

She graduated from Wilson Magnet High School, an Urban League Black Scholar as well as a member of the National Honor Society.